The Landing for Youth


Our Mission is to SHARE the love of God with every student that walks through the door while walking them through the process of DISCOVERING who Jesus is, asking Him into their hearts, BUILDING a personal relationship with Him, and SPREADING His Good News to everyone we meet!

 The Landing is a unique experience for teenagers in grades 6-12. This is an ongoing 52 week program based on the beatitudes. Yet, what parents and teenagers really need to know is The Landing is a place for those who struggle to live their lives in a healthy, God-honoring way.

The Landing gives tools to teenagers who are dealing with real life struggles in their homes, in their schools, and in their lives and it provides them a way to share about things like being trapped by their past, their hurts, their guilt, or patterns of bad decisions. The Landing is a safe and healthy place for teenagers to get real with God executed in a way they can relate to and is student-driven.

Leaders give short lessons, but it is the students who participate in object demonstrations, journaling, and their own small group discussions. This fully engaged format allows teenagers to speak about their struggles. In this way, they will learn how to “own” what they are learning and “own” their choices.

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than watching the true transformation of a young adult’s life. And that true transformation can only take place through Jesus Christ. The Landing has the power to change the life trajectory of all the people who participate. So if you are a teenager who is in grades 6-12, and want to know just how to handle the struggles of your life, then join us EVERY Sunday night at 4:30pm